Thursday, May 7, 2015

He and She - The paradox of life

He lives to eat
She eats to live

He likes anarchy
She thrives on order

He likes to take it easy
She enjoys to be in control

He loves TV
She enjoys books

He sleeps late, wakes up late
She sleeps early, wakes up early

He loves to wine and dine on the bed
She enjoys to dine on the table with the fine china

He sweats about the 'external stuff'
She stresses on the 'internal stuff'

He loves the hustle and bustle of life
She cherishes the silences of life

His modus-operandi is no discipline
Her style is self-discipline

He gets the job done
She does the job

He is a leader of people
She is a leader by example

He is a team player
She is a lone ranger

He is strong, but yet weak
She is weak, but yet strong

He enjoys action and comedy
She enjoys romance and fantasy

He is closed to changes
She pines for changes

He hates order
She loves order

He is the life of a party
She is inconspicuous of a party

He likes company
She prefers solitude

He and She
Are so different
And yet so similar

They need space
They need time
They need love
They need care
They need attention
They need acknowledgment
They need appreciation
They need to be valued
They need togetherness
They need to be complete
They need to speak
They need to be heard
They need to communicate
They need to converse
They need to connect
They need to create

They exist
They co-exist
They choose it this way

He and She
They were meant to be!
Because they are similar,
And yet so different.....
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