Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Life Lessons from 5 Days of a Digital Detox Diet

A few weeks ago, unexpected circumstances coupled with personal choices compelled me to stay-away from the digital world for a day. So really what it meant was - no mails, no FaceBook, no Twitter, no Whatsapp... And really very limited mobile phone usage also.

I was unsure how I would live through the day. But at the end of the day - I felt WONDERFUL! So I thought "Why not extend this state of being for 5 days?" and the deal was sealed. There just was one hitch - Given that a lot of my professional responsibilities as a new age (digital) marketer compel me to be 'digitally connected' and the fact that I love social media and blogging - made it seem that it would be tough to honor the self-made deal.. Nevertheless, I was determined to make an attempt. And I did manage to be on a Digital Detox Diet for almost 5 days.

The whole experience was an eye-opener; and also made me realize so many things about myself, digital / social media, people, relationships, and life itself.

In this post, I am sharing the life lessons I took away at the end of this diet

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