Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"New-age Parenting" | What is that?

Now a days, I come across a lot of literature and buzz on "new age parenting".  Honestly, I did not understand what these words really meant - Is it parents of the new age? i.e., really about the era you are parents in? Or is it really about the "man and women" truly being equal partners at home and the workplace?

I did not find a conclusive answer till I heard these words - "New Age Parenting is about the mom and dad being able to effectively replace each other in "doing" every day stuff for the kids" - Be it changing diapers, buying stuff for the kids, cooking their meals, feeding them, sending them to school, getting homework done, monitoring their TV / digital activities, taking them to the movies, baking a cake with them, etc. Wow! I thought to myself... But how many of these parents exist? How many do you know?

As I look around me - I broadly see that there are many categories of new age parents

The New Age Mom - who can really do everything the father can on a daily basis for the kids - from ferrying kids around, to playing a sport with the kids, to being the couch potato in front of the TV! Most educated / working mothers (whose spouse is supportive and empowers his wife) fall in this category

The New Age Dads - who are the hands-on dad's and can change diapers, cook the kids meals and send them to school. A very small percentage of dad's actually fall in this category

The Traditional Mom - who defines her boundary to be confined to the 4-walls within the house, and everything outside is the man's responsibility. She does everything at home, and does not even make an attempt to know / push the envelope. A large part of the cause may be her upbringing or the marital set-up she is in.

The Traditional Dad - whose role definition is to earn and provide for the family. Once at home, he will not do anything. Many times it is because of the way he has been brought up and his belief system of what a man should do, and what a woman should do. Even the 'intent' to contribute does not exist - no matter what! And he sees nothing wrong with that because he knows no other way! If asked to help, he will say he cannot / will not do it / not interested - and walk away! When things get out of hand, he will say "I can't do it. If you don't want to do it - Hire help and get it done"

As I sign-off, I'd like to hear from you on what type of parenting do you see around you? Leave a comment to let me know..

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