Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The new virus in town and The PPMEA Syndrome

I see a new virus in town..
It is real..
It is spreading fast..
And it is here to stay...
It is called the PPMEA Syndrome..

Here are some of the effects:
You wake up in the morning and send "Hello. Good morning" to all the Whatsapp groups you are a member of, but don't even smile at your family with whom you shared your bed

You are thinking of wearing a pink dress, and create a poll on FaceBook asking your friends if pink is the color for you, when your sister is right there telling you that pink looks best on you

You have breakfast and don't even know what you are eating, but have to click a photo and share on Pinterest / Instagram! And when others like / comment and ask you for the recipe, then you see what your mom has cooked for you

You are driving to work, and share a quote which reads "Do a random good day today" when there is a puppy dog whining in pain right next to your car, howling for some help. You ignore the puppy and just drive into work because you are late

You reach work and respond to a mail which is neither urgent nor important, and ignore phone calls from your parents / spouse / friends when they are trying to reach you for something urgent / important

You are in a  work meeting, and are anxiously looking at your FaceBook / Whatsapp messages without even acknowledging the ideas / suggestions from your team because you think that all the action / ideas come from social media

You are watching TV, and simultaneously checking LinkedIn updates because there is just so much happening in the digital world, that you miss your child share the highlights of her day

You are so tired and go off to sleep saying "Good Night" as your WhatsApp status that you forget to kiss your kids Good-Night!

Have you been through any of this?

So PPMEA stands for Physically present but Mentally and Emotionally Absent.
Sound familiar? 
Are you affected by this virus?
Do you know anyone who is affected by this virus?

Heard of any anti-viral remedies to help deal with it?

Just as I was about to publish this post, a friend called
She: What are you doing?
Me: I'm writing a post on the PPMEA syndrome
She : What's that?
Me: PPMEA stands for Physically Present, Mentally and Emotionally Absent
She : Sound like a SL*T at work
Me : Speechless

What do you think? Leave a comment to let me know!

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