Tuesday, June 2, 2015

12 Things you understand about yourself and life when your kid starts formal school

So it is the summer break for most kids in India, which means ‘no-school’. As a working mom,  I don’t know who is happier – me or my kid! Simply because I don’t need to stress and sweat about ‘bed-time’, ‘school-work’, ‘waking-up’ time, school tiffin-box, uniform, bag packing, etc. etc. etc. Phew! The ‘sending your kid to school’ project is a complex one, and needs diverse CREATIVE solutions on a daily basis!

On a pensive note, I was looking back at the year gone by to identify how life changes once your kid starts formal school. In this post, I’m sharing 12 note-worthy points

1)    Importance of waking-up early –Nothing like the early morning hours for some exercise, planning, Me-Time, reading, writing or doing whatever you like to do! It always gives you an edge to get through the day effectively. Especially important if you have school going kids

2)    Importance of waking-up at a fixed time everyday - Again, the foundation of any routine is about doing things at a specific time, and for a specified duration. And doing it everyday. Especially important if you have school going kids

3)    Importance of the ‘waking-up’ routine with kids - This is closely linked to the parents wake-up routine and leading by example. Again, makes an ocean of difference for how the tone of the day is for both the children and adults

4)    A fixed routine through the day makes all the difference - In terms of what activities need to be done, their sequence and the duration. Especially important if you have school going kids

5)    Planning is key, and matters – for everything that needs to be done for the kids! And adults. The details of the plan are key! Especially important if you have school going kids

6)    Preparation makes all the difference - Planning without preparation takes you only so far! They both are essential to keep things moving! Especially important if you have school going kids

7)    Life is all about habits; Habit formation is key - And the way to form habits is by repeatedly doing what needs to be done - day after day!

8)    The 3 pillars which form the foundation for overall well-being
a.    Good rest / sleep on a daily basis is key
b.    Adequate Play (Exercise) is as important
c.    Healthy food / well balanced diet
Especially important for kids.

9)    Some investments are for the long-term - And while they seem mundane, boring, and just not so exciting, they are the things which will secure your kids future. So do it if it needs to be done.

10)    No matter what, you never give up on your kids  - No matter how trying the moment / situation, key is to remember "This too shall pass". And it does, I speak from experience here.

11)    Where there is a will, there is a way - Especially in dealing with kids. This works both ways too ;)

12)    Plan A is good, But always have Plan B and Plan C - Again, especially in dealing with kids!

These are my reflections from a flashback. What are yours?

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