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How do the new age working mom's make it work everyday? – Nuggets of wisdom from real-life experiences

Ever since I have become a mother, I have a new found respect and admiration for all working mom's. Because she possibly and probably endures more than what anyone would ever know or imagine every single day – Juggling the many roles and expectations for self, family, friends, workplace; doing a balancing act everyday and hoping that it will all be OK!

Ever since I have embarked on this journey, I have recognized and realized that all working mom's find a way to make it all work. After all, where there is a will, there is a way! So whenever I meet any such mom, I ask her what is her tip / trick / mantra / best practice. I always go back wiser from these interactions because I learn some little insight that I can apply in my daily life.
In this post, I am sharing a round-up on some of these honest confessions from working mom's. Read on below:
  1. I remind myself of my priorities every morning and evening – so I know who / what is the most important for the day– my kids, my boss, my work, my spouse, my maid, my family or myself
  2. I plan my day meticulously – so I know what needs to be done and when and for how long
  3. I have realized over the years that health is wealth – So I try to eat right, take some vitamin supplements and walk at every opportunity that I get. Good food and exercise have to be integrated into everyday life ; else it does not work
  4. Whatever I can’t / don’t want to do at home – If there is a way to outsource it and I can afford it, I just hire help
  5. I don’t drive. Driving adds to my stress. So either private transport, company transport
  6. I don’t cook. Cooking is a waste of time. So I have employed a cook
  7. I have a fixed time-table / routine for the working days for kids and myself. I don’t entertain / approve deviations, unless there is a compelling reason to do so
  8. I meditate everyday twice – morning and evening
  9. As soon as I enter home, I lock myself in my bedroom for 30 minutes. I don’t talk to anyone. This is my time to unwind
  10. A hot cup of tea / coffee as soon as I step in to work / home gives me the thrust to keep going
  11. Before I get back home, I ensure that I take a nap in the bus / car. A power nap always energizes me
  12. I do a quick round of deep breathing before I enter home. Nothing calms me like conscious breath
  13. I make sure I eat something before I leave and enter home, so I am not hungry. An hungry tummy is the cause for anger and irritation many a times – both at work and home
  14. I take a walk or do some form of exercise every day. It energizes me
  15. I give myself days/ time to do nothing. Idle time rejuvenates me like nothing else does
  16. I have outsourced the house maintenance work completely. It comes at a premium, but worth it for my sanity
  17. I have made peace with the fact that I will never get a certificate for the most beautifully maintained house. I can sleep with mess / clothes / toys on the floor, cutlery on the table and unfinished work at home
  18. Sleep is non-negotiable. I have fixed time for going to bed and waking up. Adequate physical rest is vital to keep me going
  19. I say No to people or events which I don’t enjoy, and take me away from where I want to do. I realize YOLO (You Only Live Once), so why bother about what I don’t want to do!
  20. I have a glass of alcohol every day after the kids go to bed. That is my personal way to unwind
  21. I clean my house for 15 minutes in the morning and evening to organize things. That relaxes me. I can’t think straight when the house is unkempt
  22. I let free advice or feedback or suggestions fall on deaf ears ; The worthy advice / feedback / suggestions somehow
  23. I let-go of things which don’t add any value to my life or my kids life
  24. I don’t watch TV
  25. I time-box social media time – Facebook, Twitter are for a fixed time slot everyday. When time is up, I log off
  26. I take parenting advice only from my mom / mom-in-law. They know best, and it appears that children’s personality is 80% based on genes from mom / dad, right? And nothing like real-life experiences to handle personality-types, so these 2 women are my goddesses. Whatever they advise, always makes sense and works wonders
  27. I disabled notifications for WhatsApp messages. It is a big distractor
  28. I do my grocery shopping once a week ; That saves me time and effort
  29. I stopped living up to everyone’s expectations
  30. I have accepted that I am imperfect, and am Ok with it. Perfection is not my goal in life
  31. I give myself 1 hour every week to do things I love – It can be something different every time, but it is just my time to myself
  32. I meditate for 30 minutes every Sunday. That is non-negotiable and my private sanctuary
  33. I’m selectively blind, deaf and dumb – based on need, situation or circumstance
  34. A poor memory; So no time to remember what I don’t need to remember
  35. I ensure I spend time with people who make me feel good about myself – happy and positive
  36. I talk to my mother for 10 minutes every day. She is my lifeline and keeps me going
  37. I never do my children’s home-work. I made it clear from Day 1 that home-work is not mummy’s work
  38. I encourage independence in my kids, so they own up their tasks and also help out with domestic responsibilities at home
  39. I practice the “silent hour” everyday; No talking / noise at home. Everyone can do what they want, but in silence
  40. I am generous with praise when I interact with others. I realize no great motivator to enlist support than well-meaning appreciation
  41. I don’t stress / sweat about how I look or dressing up. When you don’t bother / care about the need to look good, you spend less time and energy on external frills
  42. A few moments of prayer and gratitude everyday keep me going
  43. Weekly menu planning is done every weekend. I can’t think about what to cook on week-days. It is a big operational hazard!
  44. I keep expectations of others very low
  45. I use technology and mobile for everything  - lists, payments, organizing stuff, etc.  It saves time, energy and brain-power. So I don't have to think or worry about operational stuff
  46. I plan for the worst and hope for the best. That makes it easy for me to deal with anything!
What is your mantra? Leave a comment to let us know..

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