Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So my blog post has inspired a session in an event..

A few days back the event organizers of Career Konnect 2015 called and asked if I could be part of a panel discussion at the event. For those who don't know Career Konnect is an opportunities and networking forum for Indian women. Unfortunately, my schedule did not permit, so I had to say No.

Interestingly, the conversation went on.
Career Konnect Event Organizer: Could you suggest what topics would be of interest to the Indian women, since you anyways write a lot on the subject of Indian women at work
Me: Sure. I'd written an article for The Economic Times on "Women At Work Manifesto" : The post talks about what skills women should make at the start of their career. A session of each would be enriching to any woman who is part of the workforce.
Career Konnect Event Organizer: OK. Also, I found one of your earlier posts interesting "Dear Mr.Maslow - Does your hierarchy of needs apply to the working woman?". Can we plan a session around it?
 Me: Sure, go ahead. As long as you give me credit for it ;)

And below is the Event Agenda. - Refer text highlighted in yellow

PS: When I started blogging - I'd never have imagined that my blog post becomes the topic of an event session :).. So life's like that! It can take you to places you'd never have thought or imagined.. Just got to start something with an open mind, keep at it and then be open to new ideas / opportunities / windows that open..  That is my view.. What is yours? Leave a comment to let me know...

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