Monday, June 22, 2015

To immortalize the mortal..

The immortal
The mortal
Are states of being

Sometimes they are physical
Sometimes emotional
Sometimes intellectual
Sometimes social
Sometimes financial
Sometimes spiritual

They all matter
The words
The emotions
The thoughts
The intent
The spirit

The voice
The appearance
The smile
The laughs
The tears

The shared moments
The solitary journey

The independance
The dependence
The inter-dependence

The fears
The concerns
The quest

The Yes
The No
The Maybe

The truth
The lies
Everything in-between

The agreements
The disagreements

The ignorance
The arrogance
The pretense

The questions
The answers

The priorities
The choices
The preferences
The expereinces
The perspectives

The values
The principles
the short term
the medium term
the long term

The daily routine
The Do's and Don'ts

They all matter
They all add up
They add value
They make a difference

What was said
What was unsaid

What was done
What was undone
What was never done

What was felt
What was never felt

The emotions
The thoughts
The actions
The reality

Yesterday when you were mortal
Today when you are immortal?

This post is dedicated to D

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