Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Speaker on "Your Network is your Networth"

A few days ago, I was an invited speaker for a session on "Making your NETWORK your NETWORTH".. It was a pleasure and honor to be on the stage, interact with an esteemed panel and connect with an interesting and diverse audience - at different stages and phases of their career trajectory.

The event will be memorable for me for a few reasons:
* It was again one of the opportunities which came my way purely due to my writing / social media connections!
* It was interesting to hear the narratives of many diverse women and what they endure on a daily basis to keep life going!
* It was one of the times when I have taken online relationships to the real-world!

And after the event, I was wondering on what are some of the key benefits I've personally experienced because of networking. Sharing my views in the infographic below.

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