Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Published on Inc42 | FAQ's on Digital Marketing from entrepreneurs

SO, another feather in my cap.. I'm now published on Inc42.. For those who don't know "Inc42 Magazine is an online media portal working towards fostering entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem in India. Curating, Crowd-Sourcing and Creating quality content from across the world is what we strive for at Inc42 Magazine."

The Indian startup community has never been more vibrant – with money flowing in along with cool innovative ideas, big dreams, willingness to tread the uncharted waters and a thirst to be part the next BIG thing! Every one seems to be interested - from banks, to educational institutes, to business tycoons, to corporates, to investors, to individuals.. That's where all the birds are flying, or so it seems

I can see flavors of this in my own personal and professional network. The number of entrepreneurs, mom-preneurs, ideapreneurs, intrapraneurs has increased significantly in the last 2-3 years. Since many of them know me personally, and know my experience / expertise in digital marketing – they ask me basic / complex questions. However if I look back – I see that 7 questions have been repeatedly asked by all of them – irrespective of age, business, industry, size / scale of operations. In this post, I am answering those 7 questions for the benefit of any startup based on my experiences.

7 FAQ's asked by entrepreneurs; Answered!


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