Tuesday, December 8, 2015

4 Questions I am always asked about my Blogs, and their responses...

I get asked a lot of questions about my blogging journey. But some come up more often than others. In this post, I am attempting to answer them,

QUESTION 1) Why do you blog?
To leverage the power of words, technology (mobile, digital, social) and experiences (both personal and professional) to create a positive difference (through learning, sharing, enabling and empowering) in the life of any women at work and any new age marketer.

QUESTION 2) Whom do you write for and What do you hope your writings will do for them?
a) To enable empower and equip the modern women to chart out a meaningful and long term career path. The new age woman who aspires to leverage her knowledge, skills, experiences and interests, and still manage personal priorities and expectations definitely needs access to resources, tips and tricks, real life narratives, know-how, stories of people who have been there and done that – so she is able to effectively work out a path that helps her address her life goals and career aspirations, based on her context and circumstances. Most women go through real issues and vulnerable moments as they navigate the trajectory of their careers and life – marriage, motherhood, medial issues, and movements – which can be defining in more than one way. In reality, there are very few online / digital resources which provide women with regular inspiration, insights, perspectives and real life experiences. My words and writings aim to
Provide actionable tips which can assist in navigating your career path as a woman at work
Insights from real-life experiences
Tips, Tricks, Best Practices, Do’s and Don’ts to handle all that comes your way

b) To share, empower and engage with the new age marketer based on my corporate experiences of more than 15 years. I aspire to use my writings to make a positive difference in someone’s career – either by enabling them to learn, making them think, help them through a complex marketing challenge or just bringing some sunshine and positive cheer in their life. I aim to primarily to use the blogging platform to share around areas related to content strategy, digital marketing, social branding, business blogging and personal branding.

c) According to published estimates, by 2020 India will have 1,15,000 startups. The Indian startup ecosystem is vibrant with new startups buzzing every day – with money flowing in along with cool innovative ideas, big dreams, willingness to tread the uncharted waters and a thirst to be part the next BIG thing! Many of these startups have very young founding teams, and always explore avenues to learn from real-life experiences of others or search for growth hacks to help them fast-track their business and marketing strategies (especially since they cannot afford to hire a full time CMO). In areas around marketing (digital / social), GTM strategy and leadership, I share writings and viewpoints to enable the Indian startup ecosystem propel their business growth trajectory.

QUESTION 3 : Which platform you use and Why?
I believe in the power of words and that words can make all the difference to individuals, communities, enterprises and society at large. To give a canvas to my words,  I was on the search for an “online space” to express my words which stem from dreams, thoughts, observations, analysis, learning’s, conversations, view-points, outlook, views, emotions, perspectives, achievements, mistakes, failures, lessons learnt, comprehensions, experiences and conclusions.

The blogging platform was ideal for continuously creating, curating and publishing content. To broaden reach, I have been an active contributor to several reputed global publications like
Economic Times , 
YoWoTo ,  
Parentous , 

The full list of guest posts is here

QUESTION 4: What is your blogging philosophy?
Law of Karma – You get what you give, So do good and reap the benefits – in life and social media. In blogs and words.

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