Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What readers have said about my writings?

The month of December is usually a pensive and introspective time for me - both personally and professionally. I tend to look back at the year gone by with a critical lens - to see what worked and what did not work. Since writing / blogging is an integral part of my life - I tend to review my blogs and writings as well.

2015 has been a good year for blogging. The most important things for me were
1) I have been consistent in posting for most parts of the year - So on an average, I would have published 12 posts every month (at least)
2) I have become extremely well planned, structured and quick in my writings. So there is truth in the saying "the only way to get better at writing is to write more", and no one can take that from you
3) Lastly, I have got a lot of reader love / feedback on my writings. Once in a way, it is good to look at these comments and 'gloat' at what is being said! After all,which writer doesn't like to read through positive feedback :)

Selected reader testimonials / comments / feedback are below:

As an Editor, I have found Nischala's skills in blogging and social media management a great asset to any community. She brings in an enormous amount of research and depth to any subject she writes upon, and has the ability to bring ideas to her audience in an easy to understand manner. Further, she explores subjects consistently, over time, thus creating a body of knowledge in a specific area” Aparna Singh, Editor Founder, Womens Web

I first came across Nischala’s blogs through twitter.I really liked her writing style, articulation and the impact her words were able to create. After reading her blogs, we invited her to be a regular columnist in the SHEROES community since she has diverse experiences about women at the workplace and leadership. I find her voice authentic, balance, holistic, positive, easily relatable and insightful. It is no wonder that some of her posts on the SHEROES community have been very popular. She is one of our most followed and read writers.” Srishti Kush, Sheroes

Very few people can write as well as Nischala can, while being multi-faceted as she is. Pavan Soni, Research Fellow at IIMB

I have been a dedicated reader of her blogging work on a wide range to topics from conversations with teacher and professors to content on her experiences as a working mother.  I believe she has done a great job so far and will continue to do so. I also wish her all the best for the future.” Prajakta Gupte
Nischala's voice has a rare combination of Strength, Warmth and Genuineness. Through her writings she openly shares Mixed up emotions, alternatives and options that every women can relate to at different stages of their Career & Life . Women from various walks of Life will find a Friend in Nischala's blog.” Ruchi Bhatia, Recruitment Branding Lead at IBM

“I read your article on Content Marketing posted on NewsCred. Very insightful and precise. Drew me to your website and realised the website has a bit of inspiring stuff. Pleased to start a Monday on this note !!” Abhijit

This article is very informative and useful. I took career break to raise my kids and wants to start work again.I felt very confident after reading this article. Thank You!” Manasvi

True in all sense. I am not a mother just a working Wife but still I can associate with the feelings jotted down in blog. I can relate life circumstances with Point of ‘Making Choices’ and living with the consequences. It is really a tough job. But there is a hidden ‘Self believe’ which keep us moving.” Neha Singhania

Congrats. Its is very informative. I have been working for close to 20 years.. and the battles are still on. Sometimes, it does get too lethargic to make it all work. As you said, ‘support’ ‘goodwill’ and ‘network’ is of primary importance” Lata Sunil

Perfect points and put up. Really important and impressive. Thank u for the share. Keep posting with lots more” Shreya

“Quite an insight! Hope the work environment sincerely favors and encourages women to continue to be independent and less compromising…Coz really… Having a family and a career should not be two sides of the same coin!” Sapna

Ma’am, you are my inspiration. I always wait for your posts.” Swati K

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