Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nischala's writings of Jan 2016 | A round-up

Starting 2016, I will be sharing a curated list of my writings for the month here on this blog.. I hope you enjy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

Blog titled Nischala's Space, Thoughts and Expressions

Marketing Campaigns - 12 points to fast-track your success

Round-up of all the Marketing Awards you can apply to

Women led startups - What impedes growth?

Keen to attend a marketing event in India? Here is a list for you

Blog titled Verve : The Quintessence of my life

The best thing you can sometimes do

At the cross-roads


The attitude matters : more than knowledge and skills? Leadership Lessons from kids

10 (+1) choices which can transform your life (and career)

After 100+ LinkedIn posts the most important lesson is | "The (personal) story matters, but the publishing platform matters even more"...

Why you should NOT do a startup?

What are your objectives for 2016?

The Attitude matters | Leadership Lessons from Kids

Time Management Tips to boost your productivity at work

My Payments Wishlist as a consumer - for 2016 and beyond


Why you should NOT do a fintech startup?

What is the most important decision a corporate treasurer makes?


Got cash? Invest in a startup


How to get what you want? Leadership Lessons from kids

Huffington Post

10 M's which can make or break a woman's career

10 fail-proof ways to love yourself everyday

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