Tuesday, March 8, 2016

“Looks & Cooks to Voices, Choices & Joys” | 29 power voices. 8 questions | A Women's Day Special Series

On the occasion of 2016 International Women's Day, Nischala Murthy Kaushik and Anjali Gulati decided to do something special for the case and cause of women.  As women, we acknowlege and understand that sometimes the best gift to another woman is to share personal narratives and perspectives from real-life experiences because there is a burning need for honest stories to be shared, read and heard.

As part of this series, we have curated the perspectives of women and men on a range of subjects which touch the life of every woman - from education to skills, choices, careers and life.

We've touched upon topics that are relevant and important in the modern day and age. 
We hope this series helps you acknowledge, appreciate and accept the multiple facets which can  influence, inspire and impact the lives and careers of women.

We truly believe that any meaningful and lasting change starts small and begins in the mind. So we hope  this series gets you to ponder a little, wonder a little more and share a lot more.

Below is a curated list of links to access the individual posts:


Speaker Sessions, Panel Discussions and Events (Real and Virtual): 
Career Investments that every women at work should make” ; Speaker session at Intel
Navigating careers in large organizations” ; Tweetchat hosted by Wipro
Making your network your net-worth” ; Panel Discussion hosted by BTTF (Back To The Front)
MyDigitalStory” ; Tweetchat hosted by SheThePeopleTV
The Art and Craft of Content” ; Speaker session at Wipro
Importance of Mentorship for women” ; Sheroes Summit

Other events / conferences that I’ve graced : Surge (Feb 2016), IAMAI (Jan 2016), TIE – Women Entrepreneurship (2015), EuroFinance Cash Management Conference (2014), Sheroes Summit(2014), PaulWriter -The Futurist CMO (2013)

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