Tuesday, March 29, 2016

To re-start

At the cross-roads
When everything seems to be wrong
Not externally
But within - in your body, heart and mind

Things don't feel right
Things don't make you light

And you forced to ignore
Compelled to do / not-do

And then you ponder and wonder?
When Where and How it all went wrong?

Was it in the start?
Was it in the middle?
Was it in the communication? (or lack of)
Was it in the choices? (or lack of)
Was it in the way it was meant to be?

You can't change the past
You can't undo what was done

But you can RE-START
Here and Now

By re-wiring the thoughts
Be re-thinking the words
Be re-imagine the actions

Never too late to RE-START
Even if it won't be the way you want it
Atleast you tried
And did your best

So , what will you re-start today?

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