Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Hidden Secrets of Life

Everyone does have
The Hidden Secrets of Life
You and Me
She and He
Them and Theirs

The Hidden Secrets of Life
Are what are best never shared
And those which will possibly die with you

The secrets could be around
Your dreams
Your desires
Your sexual preferences
Your quirky nature
Your past love
Your unfinished business
Your old revenge
Your childhood passions
Your biggest embarassment
Your failures
Your crazy choices
Your career choices
Your lies
Your cheating someone
Your stealing something
Your hurt
Your shattered expectations
Your untold aspirations
Your ideas that can change the world
Your contacts and connections with power
Your past relationships
Your long lost this and that...
Your ...
Your ....
Your ......

And yet somewhere somehow
You meet someone
At a random vulnerable moment
To whom you share
The Hidden Secrets of Life

Are you secrets every safe with them?

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