My Poetry

I've always liked poetry , and enjoyed reading poems - from school days. Over the recent past, I have also attempted to write some poems ; and have enjoyed it.

The beauty of reading a poem is that the interpretation of a poem is completely based on your thinking and imagination; and there's no right or wrong!

The beauty in writing a poem is that you can play with words, you can be as clear or cryptic as you want, you can say what you want & not really say what you don't want and there are no constraints on length, topics - It's all your choice!

While I'd like to consider myself an amateur (& probably budding poet), sharing below some of the poetry I have authored on my blogs so far...

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing

You and I

What music can do?

Why read books?

The Memory Bank

To immortality or not

Had I looked Back?

Of tales told and (un)told

Just Because

Will you let 'HER' fly? [WomensWeb - Oct 2013]

Why does she endure?

In that one moment

Be "HUMAN" First

The ONE Smile

You can Learn By

The Colors of Life

Independence, Dependence, Inter-Dependence [Storizen - Aug 2013, Pg 58]


The Power of a Woman [WomensWeb - Aug 2013]

Money Rules

Can you make a choice?

What would you rather be?

The Wind

Words Words Words [When Women Awaken - Spring 2013 Journal]

My Mother.. My Lifeline

A Love Hate Story

Closing Doors.. And Opening New Windows/ Doors

Hold On.. Let Go

You Make One

The Touch

You Can

Love Love Love

Give Give Give

The Final Call

Somethings we do

How life would have been?

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